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The SportsFit program is based on 16 modules of material with individual levels, each enhancing Speed, Strength and Endurance. SportsFit training is cutting edge for those who want to get into shape fast, those who are (or think they are) in shape already, as well as the beginner wanting to make a change. SportsFit is also a prehab – rehab for those who want to prevent injury or to rehab old injuries.

Aiello Group - SportsFit

Dr. Jerry Aiello, Doctor of Chiropractic, PhD in Health Science, and an diplomate of preventive medicine developed the SportsFit training program. SportsFit evolved out of the ShitoKan International Budo research training program in 1974, which included running, weight and power training, flexibility, kinesiological, orthokinetic and biomechanical stretching as well as speed, strength and endurance training. SportsFit is fitness with a philosophy, and we have been well ahead of the health and fitness curve on this one. This program combines training methods from Japan, with the latest breakthroughs from overlooked training principles including lactic threshold training, forced repetitions, core training and more. In SportsFit we never sacrifice health and longevity for the sake of performance, but continue to strive towards personal excellence.

The SportsFit training program is consistent with the government’s guidelines on physical activity levels, released October 7th, 2008 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. These are the most comprehensive federal recommendations ever, and USA Today calls them “the Gold Standard”. “Government strengthens USA’s exercise guideline” You, and your muscles, “get active your way”.

We at SportsFit applaud the new guidelines, they are finally up to speed and telling it like it is.
People need to wake up and smell the coffee, put on their running shoes, get moving and FEEL THE POWER.

The First Step is the desire for change. Pay attention to the sense that you need change.

Second Step Make this a positive change. Call the Aiello Group, (248) 542-4314, to schedule a biometric evaluation, which includes gait and posture analysis, body fat percentage, body mass index check, height, weight, pulse, and blood pressure check (because the numbers don’t lie). Your current health and fitness level determines your aptitude for SportsFit.

Third Step Begin. Often, beginning involves more than just putting on shoes and going to the track. It may mean getting the right shoes and sports orthotics, perhaps a nutritional and dietary change, even some initial stretching or complex motor drills that you can do at home first. This is all determined during your initial SportsFit check at the Aiello Group.

Why choose Aiello Group SportsFit?
The results speak for themselves. Safe, effective and fun…
All you do is make the personal commitment to be your best and
to strive for personal excellence in your life.
This may not always be easy, but it is very rewarding.

Speed, strength and endurance programs for everyone…
regardless of your level of fitness.

Get it right the first time with SportsFit!