The following is an outline of technical training guidelines used within the SportsFit Training Program.

SportsFit DVD - Feel the Power

For further explanation of these methods and techniques, see the SportsFit DVD “Feel the Power” TM 2008.

SportsFit Training is designed for anyone who wants optimal change in their health and fitness levels, and the program provides those measurable and perceivable goals.


How can 1 minute, 3 times a day change your life?

It all starts with the 40 Second Stretch (a meditative fascia release) then, add a simple Cross-March (a neurological exercise). Initially, this short routine is formulated to measure your flexibility, coordination and analyze your gait, but with time it becomes a way to measure your individual progress. The routine is also an important method to re-hab old injuries and pre-hab (prevent) injuries.

Over time, tight, stiff muscles can limit our range of movement and will contribute to joint pain and damage in daily activity. The fascia (the sheath over the muscle) is released through relaxation breathing, therefore increasing the oxygen intake resulting in decreased muscle fatigue and increasing the blood circulation. This helps the muscles receive adequate amounts of oxygen and nutrients. As you exhale, the fascia and muscles are able to elongate increasing your flexibility, as well as aiding in reversing the aging process when the joints and muscles become stiffer and tighter.
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Bio-mechanically, the 40 second stretch aids in de-stressing and de-compressing the spine and joints. As the muscle and their fascia fibers release through proper breathing, the elastic tissue contracts then releases, lengthening the muscles, supporting the bones, joints, ligaments and tendons.

Then we re-engage the proprioceptor and mechanoreceptor mechanisms with the 20 Second Cross-March. As the Cross-March (knee up and opposite arm up) is introduced, the rhythm of the drill re-stimulates the brains cross-section activity and reprograms the gait mechanisms.
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Not only will this one-minute miracle increase your overall health and fitness, but also it will reduce post exercise muscle soreness and injuries, increase your overall power, strength, speed, endurance, balance, coordination and agility.

One step at a time gets you from point A to point B to improved functional health.
So feel how one-minute three times a day leads to change!

Feel The Power!

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