The following is an outline of technical training guidelines used within the SportsFit Training Program.

SportsFit DVD - Feel the Power

For further explanation of these methods and techniques, see the SportsFit DVD “Feel the Power” TM 2008.

SportsFit Training is designed for anyone who wants optimal change in their health and fitness levels, and the program provides those measurable and perceivable goals.

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Sportsfit Training Conslutants

SportsFit - Register Now!SportsFit Training is a method that leads to Change, whether you are looking to increase your athletic performance and conditioning, or improve your functional health, fitness & vitality. SportsFit reverses the aging process, increases your energy and brings change to your body’≥ physiology. Join us and renew your faith, confidence and belief that your body, if given the right tools, has the ability to heal and grow towards Health !!

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