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AIELLO GROUP is dedicated to making the true art, philosphy and result of Chiropractic available to all people concerned with natural health care.


Today, most chiropractice has become another form of pain therapy, leaving behind its heritage as the only true (American) form of natural health maintenance. Pure chiropratic, subluxation complex correction, proposes no cures or therapies, but instead restore the natural, innate healing capacity of the human body.


sublixationIn study upon study, chiropractic has been shown to be the most effective method for dealing with injuries, illness and health maintenance. It has been shown that vertebral misalignments are the source of irritation the the nervous system, in turn causing pain and problems throughout the body. It is more than just back pain that results from sublixations, nerve interference. Indeed, by the time back pain occurs, most likely the interference has been long-standing and has already caused other problems, only resulting in back pain as a final symptom of the misalignment.


Pain relief may be quite early in your course of care; however, it depends upon the nature of the lifestyle of the patient as to the actual course of a patient's progress.


A very frequently asked question is: "Will I be going to the chiropractor the rest of my life?" As if that is bad! Is your continued assurance of a balance in your body and its ability to retains its own health bad? Would you ask, "Will I need to eat the rest of my life?", or "Do I need to sleep every night, the rest of my chiropractic caredays?" If you understand the principle of chiropractic, you will understand that it is a method of giving your body the edge it needs to retain its ability to recuperate, rejuvenate, heal and grow. Throughout your life, if you are a living, breathing human, you will cause a certain amount of stress and trauma to your body. Chiropratic allows you to recover from and reverse the effects of daily living.


Anyone who wishes to be the best they can, for as long as possible, will benefit from chiropractic care. Not every condition is pertinent to chiropractic -- your doctor will objectively evaluate your particular case history and determine if perhaps some other form of care would be appropriate in conjunction with chiropractic.


ActivatorA low force method of adjusting using a hand-held instrument to restore vertebral misalignments with safety and comfort.

The instrument is controlled for pressure based upon the needs of the patient. It is controlled, light and fast, one 300th of a second, avoiding the patient's automatic response to flinch and constrict the muscles.chiropractic tool

Becuase of the gentleness, the use if the Activator is suitable toall types of patients, from children to the elderly, pregnant women or injured patients -- even infants.

Aiello Group doctors also utilize additional chiropractic technologies including Cox Low Back Distraction and Palm H. I. O. Upper Cervical Specific Adjustments, the most scientic and advanced of all chiropractic adjusting techniques.





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