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Orthokinetics, (ortho) bone/joint, (Kinetics) movement.  A method developed by Dr. Aiello in 1982, to correct neuromusculoskeletal biomechanical imbalances and malfunctions through the use of chiropodiatric correction techniques including spinal adjustments extremity mobilizations, trigger point, fascial release techniques and neuromuscular redevelopment training exercises.
The use of orthokentic techniques and foot orthoses have been used to help a wide variety of foot and foot related conditions. The treatment of these conditions when combined with the application of orthokinetic stability training provides a potent preventative and successful correction approach to the injuries experienced by the modern runners and athletes at any level.
The success of the orthokinetic approach:

  • Prevention of injury through sound assessment and application of multi-disciplinary treatment.
  • A Biomechanical assessment is considered an essential to understanding injury and identifies the factors contributing to injury in the lower limb and in chronic low back, neck and shoulders via the kinetic chain.
  • Core Stability training is used as a foundation for movement control and postural stability.
  • The use of orthotic devices is recommended to complete the stabilization or rehabilitation process, and enable correction and prevention of research based approaches in non-surgical neuro-musculoskeletal care.

What is Orthokinetics?
Orthokinetics is an area of human biomechanics that deals essentially with the structure and function of the feet, spine and extremities and as they relate to each other and adjacent musculoskeletal system, recognizing the interaction of the kinetic link between them.

Orthokinetic biomechanics relates to human motion, gait, pedal (foot) stability, propulsion and muscle action, and gives is the basic for determining the neutrality, normality and abnormality of body structure (bio) and motion/ forces on these body structures (mechanics).

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