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Running Injuries and Orthokentic-Applied Chiropodiatric Biomechanics

Even through all of us rely on the use of our neuro-musculoskeletal systems daily; we take for granted the importance of foot function, from the elite athlete to recreational.

Many running injuries are linked to foot compensation as a direct result of foot structure, leg and hip alignment.  Due to spinal biomechanical subluxations leads to weakness of neuromuscular system resulting in foot, spine and extremity weakness and abnormal function.  Foot compensation may cause pronation of the foot (rolling in of the foot and lowering of the arch), but it must be remembered that many injuries can be associated with the inability of a foot to pronate normally, the highly arched or supinated foot type.

Foot compensation can occur for many reasons and these are identified using physical and gait analysis during orthokentic consultation.


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